Schneiderman Quickly Replaced After Resigning In Disgrace

Albany, N.Y. - Former Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has already been replaced. 

Schneiderman stepped down yesterday in disgrace after a bombshell "New Yorker" article detailed allegations by several women of repeated abuse.  

The state's solicitor general, Barbara Underwood, was quickly sworn in as acting New York attorney general.  

Governor Cuomo appointed a prominent Long Island district attorney as special prosecutor and special deputy attorney general to investigate and, if appropriate, prosecute Schneiderman

Woman Divulges Disaster Date She Had With Schneiderman - Thumbnail Image

Woman Divulges Disaster Date She Had With Schneiderman

A joint session of the State Legislature soon will select someone to serve the reaming seven months of Schneiderman's Term. The State Assembly Democrats, who alone are a majority of State Lawmakers, held a closed door meeting Tuesday morning to begin discussing who they will appoint as Schneiderman's successor.

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