Woman Divulges Disaster Date She Had With Schneiderman

New York - A Manhattan journalist is coming forward with what she says was a blind date from hell with then-State Senator Eric Scheiderman in 2010.

The woman, known only as Jennifer C, tells the "New York Post" she was set up by her friend's husband. 

She says she was initially impressed by Schneiderman who brought her flowers as he picked her up.  The date went downhill from there, she said, as he allegedly drank a lot and insisted on getting behind the wheel of a car, telling her "This is my city. I can do what I want." 

Kink Community Blasts Eric Schneiderman's Abuse Defense - Thumbnail Image

Kink Community Blasts Eric Schneiderman's Abuse Defense

She claims at one point he aggressively kissed her and made a lewd comment after she received a text from a male friend.  She says Schneiderman finally let her out of the car after she asked him multiple times, and she vowed never to date him again.

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