Anthony Saccone Gets 10 - 30 Years In Prison

Syracuse, N.Y. - Anthony Saccone was sentenced this morning to 10 to 30 years in prison for the deaths of three people near Onondaga Community College.

Saccone, 31, pleaded guilty in July to aggravated vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of a fatal crash.

The Feb. 23 crash killed Baylie Rose, 19, Michael Walker, 18, and Samra Osmanovic, 20.

The road to this final sentencing was long and painful for the family  of those killed. 

Saccone  had been involved in controversy every step of the way. From being seen on social media drinking.

To have charges leveled against him for reckless driving that were later dropped. 

He even fired his original lawyer and searched for a new one which also delayed the sentencing.

Both the District Attorney's office and the Judge were beginning to lose patience. Today howvere it, for now, came to an end after some painful words from  family members  directed to Saccone, Judge Matthew Doran sentenced Saccone. 

Judge Doran said to Saccone “It seems to this court you just don’t get it,” maybe someday you will. I hope that you do.”

Saccone maintains he was coerced into pleading guilty. 

(Photo provided) 

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