CNY Towns with the Most Expensive Speeding Tickets

posted by Cole Jarvis - 

No one ever wants to get a traffic or speeding ticket. Not only is it embarrassing but the costs associated with paying the fee can very expensive, especially to working class families. If you receive one of these tickets you're pretty much guaranteed to be paying a good amount toward it. However, the exact price will differ depending on where exactly you receive the ticket.

According to's  Michelle Breidenbach millions of cases handled by local CNY courts are based on traffic violations. All of those court cases can add up to a large amount of money. CNY courts were reported to have collected over $13 million in 2017.

But where is the most money from these violations coming from in CNY? Here are the five biggest fine-collecting towns, and if yours isn't on the list check out's searchable database by clicking here

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Town of DeWitt: $458,100 in fines

Town of Cicero: $639,017 in fines

Town of Brutus: $702,499 in fines

Town of Clay: $774,473 in fines

Town of Salina: $1.2 million in fines


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