No Arial Spraying Wednesday In CNY

Cicero, N.Y. - Onondaga County and Oswego County will not be doing aerial spraying Wednesday. 

Health Department Officials in both counties announced that they have found new evidence of EEE. 

More EEE Found In Cicero Swamp As Officials Prepare To Spray
More EEE Found In Cicero Swamp As Officials Prepare To Spray
Onondaga County says it could conduct aerial spraying as early as Wednesday after additional evidence of EEE was confirmed in mosquito pools in the Cicero Swamp area.

In Onondaga County, three positive samples have been found around the Cicero Swamp. Two from traps on East Taft Road and one on Route 298.

In Oswego County, they had four more samples from the Toad Harbor Swamp test positive for Eastern Equine Encephalitis. The total of positive tests this month is now six. Additionally, officials say they are awaiting test results from tissue taken from a horse in West Monroe that died Aug. 9. The horse exhibited neurological symptoms similar to encephalitis.

The timing of the spraying will be determined by weather conditions and other factors, and when it happens we will let you know. AccuWeather says that Thursday may have the best conditions for spraying. 


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