Jury Could Consider Partial Verdict In Inner Harbor Corruption Trial

How COR Development came to have a Labor Use Agreement for their ALoft Hotel in Syracuse's Inner Harbor is at the center of the Federal Corruption Trial.

New York City - The jury in the corruption trial of a former top aide to Governor Cuomo and two Syracuse Developers are still deadlocked.

A judge ordered the panel last week to keep trying after they declared they were deadlocked about whether Joe Percoco accepted bribes from COR Development Executives Steven Aiello and Joseph Girardi for his help on their Inner Harbor Hotel Project. Jurors wrote a note to the judge, on Monday, saying they were still helplessly deadlocked.

Pictured Left: Joseph Percoco; Right: Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Lawyers and the judge are now exploring the option of a partial verdict, while the defense is pushing for a mistrial. Percoco is a confidant and close friend of Cuomo's for over two decades, but the governor hasn't been accused of any wrongdoing.

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