Perennial Pervert Arrested Again For Recording Women

Syracuse, N.Y. - A perennial pervert has been arrested again, this time for recording women in the bathroom at Syracuse University.

Garret Monds has now been caught three times in the last year, recording women in bathrooms. Syracuse Public Safety Officers say they caught Garrett Monds walking out of a women’s bathroom after someone reported a strange man in the women’s bathroom.  A quick investigation uncovered that he recorded women inside the bathroom.

Monds has previously been arrested for similar incidents; one at his job at Rite Aid and another on the campus of OCC. Police say there could be more victims of Monds and if they recognize him to call the Syracuse Police Department Abused Persons Unit at (315) 435-3016. Anonymous tips may also be submitted using the “SPD Tips” app.

Monds is charged with a felony charge of unlawful surveillance. It is the third time he has been charged with Unlawful Surveillance in the 2nd degree in the last nine months.

Garrett Monds

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