Mark Wainwright

Thanks, and Farewell...
The Top 5 For Friday 7/20 - She's Real Fine, My 409!
The Top 5 For 7/19 - How do you solve a problem like Maria?
The Top 5 for 7/18 - The POTUS walks it back. Sort of.
The Top 5 for Tuesday the 17th - POTUS takes the heat
The Top 5 for 7/16 - The Putin and The POTUS parlay
The Top 5 for the 13th - Is this any way to treat a G-Man?
The Top 5 for July 12th - Oh, Stormy, you naughty girl!
The Top 5 for 7/11 - Shady, please say it ain't so!
It might begin a LOT sooner than everybody thought...
The Top 5 For Tuesday 7/10 - They all made it out alive!
The Top 5 for Monday 7/9 - Ivanka makes a CNY visit!


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