Listener Shames Me on TalkBack Mic for Promoting Xenophobic Racist Nonsense

Dave Allen, NewsRadio 570WSYR

"Shame on you for promoting your xenophobic, racist nonsense about immigrants coming to our community." That's just some of what one listener is saying on the TalkBack Mic on the iHeartRadio app.

"I know people that own restaurants, they can't get workers. I know people that own empty hotels. I know people that own empty office buildings. I know immigrants. I've worked side by side with them. I have friends that have taught their children, they work hard, they just want to be safe, bring them here and let them help us out in."

How can I use the Talkback Mic?

  1. Navigate to NewsRadio 570WSYR on the iHeartRadio app
  2. Tap the microphone button and record a voice message up to 30 seconds (First-time users may be required to grant microphone access)  
  3. Select “Try again” and repeat step 2, or select “Send
  4. Voice recording is instantly sent to the station!

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