This Week's Weird News 10/23/20

A pair of pop stars sharing their UFO experiences, an incredible cat drawing discovered among the Nazca Lines, and a jaw-dropping one-eyed albino shark found by some fishermen in Indonesia were among the strange and unusual stories to cross our desk this past week.

The worlds of pop music and the paranormal crossed paths in an unexpected fashion this past week when a pair of musicians revealed their experiences with UFOs. First, singer Demi Lovato surprised her fans by sharing a video of an unidentified flying object which she captured while on a retreat at Joshua Tree and claimed that she can contact aliens through meditation. Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus made headlines when she recounted a strange incident in which she was seemingly chased by a UFO and, chillingly, made eye contact with an entity that appeared to be piloting the unusual craft which she likened to a glowing snowplow floating through the air.

In one of the cooler discoveries to come along in quite some time, workers refurbishing an observation platform at the famed Nazca Lines in Peru stumbled upon a previously-unseen and rather enormous drawing of a cat that had been created on a hillside thousands of years ago. The massive piece of ancient artwork measures a whopping 120-feet long and was likely created somewhere between 200 BC to 100 BC. Fortunately, experts at the site managed to find the feline before it had been wiped away by erosion and, in turn, restored it to its former glory to, unsurprisingly, the delight of social media denizens who dubbed it the 'first cat meme.'

While we've seen all manner of strange and unusual creatures plucked from the sea over the years, this past week provided perhaps the most bizarre animal yet in the form of a one-eyed, albino baby shark. The shocking animal was found by a group of fishermen in Indonesia who discovered the cartoonish-looking oddity inside the gut of a shark they had just caught. Alas, the incredibly rare creature, which apparently had both albinism and cyclopia, had already perished by the time the men had discovered it. Likely suspecting that no one would believe their story of the wondrous fish they had found, the men fortunately managed to snap a few photos of the creature before presumably dropping it back into the sea.

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