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Paul Goodrell is a pervert.


               He’s been a pervert for 35 years.


               He got arrested for it the first time in 1989.


               He likes to expose himself to little children. Specifically, he likes to whack off so that little children can see it.


               That’s what the police say. That’s what his criminal record says. That’s what dozens and dozens of victims know.


               I mention it because he’s in the news, and on the street. I mention it because the pro-criminal policies of the New York Democratic Party have come to the aid of Paul Goodrell three times in recent days, assuring that it’s not just Santa Claus who’s coming to town this year, it’s also this pervert.


               Here’s some of his resume: He broke into a middle school in Newark in 2006, to flash the little kids; four years later he tried the same thing at a school in Auburn; seven years after that he chased two 11-year-olds around a store, repeatedly exposing himself to them.


               These junkets have put him in prison more than once. Most recently, he got out in July of this year, on parole as a Level 3 sex offender.


               Vocabulary reminder: Level 3 is the highest and worst of the sex offenders, with the state declaring that they have high likelihood of reoffending and pose a significant threat to public safety.


               That’s Paul Goodrell.


Anyway, it was as a paroled Level 3 sex offender wearing an ankle monitor that two weeks ago Paul Goodrell cozied up to a 7-year-old child next to the ice cream freezers in the Canandaigua Wegmans, exposed himself and started jacking off. Grama and Grampa didn’t see, but store surveillance video later showed that he tried to draw the child away from them.


Local police learned of the incident later and were, the next day, at Wegmans reviewing store video, trying to get a picture of the man, when he came back to the store, apparently looking for more kids.


The cops arrested his ass.


That’s where the Democrats come in.


Taken before a judge, charged for the umpteenth time with public lewdness and endangering, with a criminal record as long as your arm, the judge was forced to release Paul Goodrell without bail. Forced by Democrat “bail reform” which makes the large majority of crimes in New York appearance ticket offenses, meaning you get a ticket and you get turned loose.


Burglary, car theft, jacking off in front of little kids.


All of that is catch and release.


And Paul Goodrell was turned loose.


Now, remember that Paul Goodrell is a parolee. He’s been out of prison less than six months and is still, theoretically, paying the price of past offenses. So his parole officer arrested him on a parole violation. Turns out when you’re on parole for jacking off in front of little kids you’re not supposed to jack off in front of little kids.


That’s where the Democrats come in, again.


Because they didn’t just reform bail, they also reformed parole. And, continuing with their pro-criminal theme, they made it almost impossible to violate someone’s parole, and take them back into custody.


So the judge had to turn him loose.


A career sexual predator of children on parole for sexual predation on children sexually preys on a child and the Democrats say you can’t hold him.


So Paul Goodrell walked free.


By then it was on TV and parents talked to children and another call came in.


This was about the Tops in Farmington. You might be able to guess what happened. There was a little child in the grocery store, and there was Paul Goodrell, angling to isolate the child and expose himself, and whack off.


Which resulted in an arrest.


Another child faced with this horror, another little psyche shaken, another victim violated.


And Paul Goodrell in handcuffs in the back of a squad car one more time.


That’s where the Democrats come in, again.


Paul Goodrell, a Level 3 sex offender on parole for exposing himself to a child, with a pending charge of exposing himself to a child, recently charged with violating his parole by exposing himself to a child, and arrested again on a separate charge of exposing himself to a child, was released without bail.


Because that’s what the Democrat law demands. Because that’s what “criminal justice reform” looks like in the progressive capital of the nation.


Because Democrats would rather score political points with their criminal constituencies than protect the children of New York.


So be careful this Christmas.


Because Santa Claus isn’t the only one coming to town.


Thanks to New York Democrats.

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