On CNN, Harris won.

In the real world, she got her ass kicked.

In the real world, Mike Pence is the sort of person we want sitting in the big chair.

Line by line, question by question, the Indiana governor destroyed the California attorney general. It wasn’t even close. What she lacked in substance, she made up for in condescending smirk.

It was entitled versus prepared, and prepared won.

That’s what people who honestly watched the debate saw.

What the commentators on TV saw was a debacle they had to paper over, a train wreck they had to spin into a Democrat win. Imagine watching your candidate become ever more shrill and defensive and then have to stare into a live TV camera and pretend she was brilliant. The Oscar for best supporting actor in a political unraveling belongs to everyone with a lapel mic on the network news.

And CNN’s poll has it at a 59 to 38 Harris win.

Which probably tells you everything you need to know about all the polls in this election.

Democrat polls being reported on Democrat newscasts predict a Democrat win. And now they tell us that Harris was the big winner. Which is pretty encouraging to Republicans. Because if the comrade journos are that bad at telling us about the immediate past, they clearly have no insight about the distant future.

And a month from now is the distant future.

Especially when the truth about the Trump Administration and the Republican agenda are told, as they were told last night by a rock-solid Mike Pence. When the narrative is factual, when the nightly news liars are removed from the equation, people listen and think.

Instead of shout and hate.

And all the Democrats have against Trump is shout and hate.

You saw that last night in Kamala Harris. There was a mocking, sneering, infuriated air to nearly everything she said. In a reprise of her failed Democratic presidential primary debate performances, all she had was indignant condemnation and a holier-than-thou scorn for her opponent.

That didn’t work against Tulsi Gabbard, and it didn’t work against Bernie Sanders, and it didn’t work against Joe Biden, and it sure as hell didn’t work against Mike Pence.

Kamala Harris is the Number One reason to pray for the health of Joe Biden.

And Mike Pence is the Number One reason to pray for the re-election of Donald Trump.

Because that kind of honesty, resolve, clarity and principle are what made America great, and which have done so much to bolster this nation over the last three and a half years. Pence wasn’t just smart, he was right. The emphasis on freedom, the push back against higher taxes and more regulation, the support for the Constitution and law and order. Those things are not only popular, they are right. They are the proper course for the preservation of this Republic and the liberties of its people.

And he rang the bell of liberty and common sense loud and clear. He faced a moderator – Nancy Pelosi’s biographer – who has a financial interest in pleasing the Democrats who might buy her book. He faced an opponent – Joe Biden’s biggest crapshoot – who breathed contempt for him and the facts. And yet he calmly, confidently, spoke the truth and raised the flag of freedom.

He reminded the Democrat candidate that her own words and votes contradicted her campaign posturing. He pointed out that 220,000 heartbreaking covid deaths are not a policy failure when contrasted with the 2.5 million deaths which had been forecast for this stage of the pandemic. He pointed out that she had been a sponsor of the Green New Deal and that her party’s platform endorsed every one of its principle objectives and policies. He pointed out that both she and Joe Biden have called repeatedly over years for an end to natural gas hydrofracking – the cornerstone of American energy independence – and the ultimate banning of all fossil fuels.

He told the truth, and he kicked her ass, and he rekindled the hopes of Republicans across the country.

Because that is who we are. That is what we stand for. That is what we believe in. That is what our Founders bequeathed to us and that is what we must pass on the future.

The Democratic Party speaks for the international socialist movement. Mike Pence spoke for the heart of America. The Democratic Party wants to have a revolution. Mike Pence wants to keep you safe and free.

Kamala Harris spoke for a candidate of expediency and politics. Mike Pence spoke for a governing team that brings two very different men together to advance one clear vision – putting America first, and keeping Americans free and prosperous.

He made that point last night.

And that scared the hell out of the Democrats on the anchor desk.