Daviere Griswold Found Guilty In 11 Year Old Syracuse Girl's Death

Syracuse, N.Y. - A Syracuse jury has found the man accused of killing 11 year old Brexialee Torres-Ortiz guilty on all charges including murder.

21 year old Dahviere Griswold was accused, along with two others of opening fire on a Syracuse street and fatally wounding the 11 year old girl as she was walking home with milk from a corner store. She was not the target.

The two others involved in the drive by shooting, Deckyse Bridges and Ra’Sean Patterson already pleaded guilty to their roles in the shooting. They were sentenced to 25 years-to-life in prison. Griswold faces 50 years to life in prison when sentenced later this summer.

The judge's gavel and scales as a symbol of the judiciary and justice.

Photo: SimpleImages / Moment / Getty Images

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