Another Defendant In 11-Year-Old Syracuse Girl's Death Pleads Guilty

Syracuse, N.Y. - A 16-year-old boy who was accused along with two others of the shooting death of an 11 year old Syracuse girl has taken a plea deal.

Deckyse Bridges turned the deal down last week but Tuesday morning he had a change of heart and accepted it.

It means he and his co-defendant 19-year-old Ra'sean Patterson who also took the deal, will now face 20 years to life.

21-year-old Dahviere Griswold, has chosen to go to trial, where he faces 50 years to life if convicted.

All three are accused of shooting at Israel Cruz, hitting Brexialee Torress-Ortiz as she walked home from a corner store, killing her.

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Photo: Aitor Diago / Moment / Getty Images

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