New York City Stops Plans To Bus Migrants Into Onondaga County

Syracuse, N.Y. - New York City has announced they have suspended their plan to bus migrants to Onondaga County in essence abiding by a judge's two orders issued yesterday.

One order banned the transfer and housing of migrants to the county. Candlewood Suites was making room preparing for the migrants when the judge issued the order.

Onondaga County was suing the City Of New York in an effort to prevent them from busing migrants into the county. The same judge approved a order to ban that as well.

New York Mayor Eric Adams in a statement said in part

"New York City is out of space and we’re only asking Onondaga County to manage approximately ¼ of 1% of the asylum seekers who have come to New York City, with New York paying for shelter, food, and services. Despite this county refusing to meet their moral mandate, many elected officials, community groups, and faith institutions have been overwhelmingly supportive and enthusiastic about welcoming these new New Yorkers to their cities and towns."

Cayuga County has also declared a State of Emergency to stop potential influx of migrants.

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Photo: Getty Images

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