America's Nuclear Secrets Vulnerable To 'Insider' Attacks Watchdog Warns


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The Government Accountability Office issued a scathing report about the lax security regarding America's nuclear secrets. The GAO blasted the Department of Energy for failing to implement numerous measures for its Insider Threat Program, which was established in 2014.

"Instead, DOE divided significant responsibilities for its program between two offices," the GAO wrote. "Without better-integrating insider threat responsibilities between these offices, DOE's insider threat program will continue to face significant challenges that preclude it from having an effective or fully operational program."

In addition, the GAO said the DOE has failed to identify and assess the resources needed to properly implement the Insider Threat Program.

The GAO report noted the consequences of the lax security measures, citing a DOE report from 2017, the most recent year of available data. The GAO found 250 unclassified insider threat-related security incidents in that year alone. While most of the incidents were determined to be minor and unintentional, the report "identified several incidents considered to have been malicious."

"For example, the report described a highly publicized incident in which an individual was found guilty of accepting nearly $500,000 in bribes in exchange for official acts he performed in his capacity at the agency," the GAO wrote, referring to the case of Grigory Trosman.

The GAO issued a stark warning about the "devastating consequences" if the DOE does not improve its security measures.

"Such threats could have significant consequences for national security and could include unauthorized release of classified information; workplace violence; or improper access to sensitive nuclear weapons, material, and components."

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