China Says They Are Launching Cybersecurity Review Of Micron Tech's Chips

Syracuse, N.Y.- Bloomberg is reporting that Beijing, China has announced that they are launching a cybersecurity review of imports from Micron Technology Inc.

Micron sells about 11% of the chips to China.

The Chinese government said they are conducting the review to ensure integrity of its information infrastructure supply chain, prevent network security risks and maintain national security.

Micron says they are cooperating and in a statement said:

"We are aware the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) announced plans to conduct a cybersecurity review of Micron’s products sold in China. We are in communication with the CAC and are cooperating fully. Micron is committed to conducting all business with uncompromising integrity, and we stand by the security of our products and our commitments to customers.”

Micron plans to build a 100 billion dollar chip plant in the Town of Clay.

Shares of Micron fell 4.4% today.

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