Fulton Police Officer And Wife Arrested For DWI In Separate Vehicles

Town of Richland, N.Y. - A husband and wife were arrested after both were caught driving drunk in separate vehicles.

Saturday night March 18th, State Police responded to an accident on I 81 in Town of Richland.

They found 44 year old Sean Hanks from Pulaski, had veered off 81 and struck an earth embankment. He wasn't hurt but Troopers say he was intoxicated. He had a B.A.C of .22.

They also saw another car on the side of the road with 44 year old Monica Hanks inside. She had driven to the scene to help her husband but she too was drunk, with a B.A.C of .14.

Sean Hanks is a Lieutenant with the City of Fulton Police Department and is now on paid leave.

Both were charged with DWI

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