Upstate Medical University and Crouse Health Decide Not To Merge

Syracuse, N.Y. - Upstate Medical University and Crouse Health have announced that they have changed their mind, and have decided not to merge.

A spokesperson stated that both institutions will continue to operate as separate and independent legal entities just as they are today. They say instead they will focus on what they call "affiliation strategies.", such as helipad use, cord blood banking, and the Regional Perinatal Center.

When the idea of a merger was floated last year many critics including the FTC argued it would lead to higher health care costs, lower quality and less access to care.

The two hospitals say they still believe the merger is a good idea, but 2022 turned out to be a more difficult year for the hospitals than they anticipated and they felt it was time to pause the process.

It's possible that they will revisit the idea in the future.

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