Baldwinsville Teen Found Shot to Death, Along With Her Father

Baldwinsville, N.Y. - A gruesome discovery this morning in Baldwinsville.

Around 8:30 Baldwinsville police were called to 6 Triangle Place for status check. They found 14 year old Ava Wood and her father 51 year old Christopher Wood shot dead. Baldwinsville Police Chief Michael Lefancheck says the wound to Christopher appears to be self-inflicted.

Their bodies were found in separate bedrooms upstairs in the home.

According to Onondaga County Sheriff Toby Shelley, the mother and father were separated and had been involved in two previous domestic incidents, the most recent just two days ago.

Ava Wood was a ninth-grade student at Baldwinsville's Durgee Junior High School.

Yellow police tape

Photo: Getty Images

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