NY Attorney General Say Court Rules Against Owners Of Skyline Apartments

Albany, N.Y. - A court has ruled once again against Green National owners of the notorious Skyline Apartments.

Attorney General Letitia James announced that a court has ruled that Green National must correct all code violations at their properties, install a monitor, and pay penalties for violating their agreement with the state.

The ruling says Green National must pay a $5,000 civil penalty for each violation, $2,000 in statutory costs, and $100 for each day they fail to comply with the prior agreement. In October, James sued Green National for failing to comply with parts of an agreement made with her office.

In a statement James said " I am pleased with today’s court decision requiring Green National to clean up its act and ensure tenants have a safe and decent place to live. We’re holding Green National accountable for failing to meet the needs of their tenants. New Yorkers deserve to live in dignity and we will continue to do our job to make sure they are protected.”

Green National owns several apartment complexes in Syracuse area, but the most notorious is the Skyline Apartments where 93 year old Connie Touri was killed inside her apartment.

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