All Power Equipment Damaged In Shooting Has Been Fixed

Power outage in North Carolina's Carthage

Photo: Anadolu

Duke Energy said that crews completed the repairs on all of the power equipment that was damaged when vandals opened fire on two substations in Moore County, North Carolina, over the weekend.

The energy company said that customers will gradually get power back over the course of the day as the equipment is turned back on.

"To avoid overwhelming the electrical system, we will bring power back on gradually, with the goal of having the majority of customers restored before midnight tonight," Duke Energy said in a statement.

Tens of thousands of people were without power for roughly four days after the attack.

The FBI has not determined a motive for the shooting or identified any suspects. However, federal officials do believe the shootings in North Carolina could be related to similar acts of vandalism in other states.

"Power companies in Oregon and Washington have reported physical attacks on substations using hand tools, arson, firearms, and metal chains possibly in response to an online call for attacks on critical infrastructure," a federal law enforcement memo obtained by NewsNation states.

"In recent attacks, criminal actors bypassed security by cutting the fence links, lighting nearby fires, shooting equipment from a distance, or throwing objects over the fence and onto equipment," the memo continues.

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