Ethanol Plant Silo Fire In Volney To Be Put Out, Redevelopment On The Way

Volney, N.Y. - Some positive movements in dealing with that stinky Ethanol plant in Volney

Oswego County Legislature Chairman James Weatherup announced an emergency declaration, which looks to put an end to a long smoldering silo fire at that plant that has literally stunk up the neighborhood.

The order paves the way for crews to put out the fire and the county will work with Highscore Capital, who is negotiating with a Fortune 500 energy firm looking to restart ethanol production at the facility.

“Today is a new beginning for a site that has sat vacant for more than two years and for even longer has not lived up to its full potential,” Chairman Weatherup said. “Extinguishing the silo fire is the most immediate action we take today, but that action will jumpstart a partnership with Highscore Capital that will ultimately lead to the redevelopment of this site and its return to productive use.

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