Oswego County To Spray After More Triple E And West Nile Is Found

Oswego, N.Y. - Oswego County Health Department says they have found five new mosquito pools that contained Eastern Equine Encephalitis or Triple E .

Two in the town of West Monroe, and one each in towns of Hastings, Palermo, and the village of Central Square. West Nile virus was also reported in three sperate pools.

So the State Health Department has decide to spray

The first aerial spraying event is scheduled to take place after 6 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 2, weather permitting.

The area to be sprayed is approximately 9,000 acres within these boundaries: southern edge of the village of Mexico, along Munger Hill Road, a line from NY Rte. 69 to NYS Rte. 3, NYS Rte. 3 south to the intersection of Co. Rte. 4 (Munger’s Corners). A line from this point east to the intersection of Villard Road and Co. Rte. 45, Co. Rte. 45 east to French Street, French Street north to Markowitz Road, Markowitz Road west to Kenyon Road, Kenyon Road north to NYS Rte. 69, NYS Rte. 69 northwest to Munger Hill Road.

A second aerial spraying is planned to take place after 6 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 3, weather permitting.

The second area to be sprayed is approximately 10,000 acres within these boundaries: US Rte. 11 in Central Square to the west, NYS Rte. 49 to the north, up to but not including the village of Constantia to the east; and the shoreline of Oneida Lake to the south. Pesticide will not be applied over the open waters of Oneida Lake.

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