Two Syracuse Men Arrested For Falsely Reporting An Armed Robbery

Town of Onondaga, N.Y. - Two Syracuse men have been arrested for falsely reporting an armed robbery.

Onondaga County Sheriffs say 25 year old Jeddidia Manning and 31 year old Josh Phillips cooked up a scheme to steal about $3700 from their employer.

Deputies say Phillips claimed he was robbed of a business deposit outside the Key Bank located on West Seneca Turnpike Sunday afternoon. He gave a description to the police who found the supposed suspect with the cash nearby.

After interviewing both investigators determined they were lying.

Both the following charges:

  • Grand larceny in the 3rd degree
  • Falsely reporting an incident in the 3rd degree
  • Conspiracy in the 5th degree.

Both were arraigned. Manning is being held without bail and Phillips was released pending trial.

Street robber with a knife - killer person with sharp knife about to commit a homicide, murder scenery

Photo: Getty Images

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