Man Arrested After Going On A Glass Smashing Spree, Damages 45 Vehicles

Syracuse, N.Y. - A Syracuse man has been arrested after Syracuse Police say he went on a window smashing spree, causing about $19,000 worth of damage to 45 vehicles and several buildings.

Sunday, officers arrested 32-year-old William Kaulback for stealing from a store. He damaged a police car, and a door at the Justice Center. He was released and proceeded to smash his sister’s car windshield, broke a window at a business on Pulaski Street, also damaging a motorcycle.

He allegedly broke windows at two other businesses, one on West Bear Street, and one at Destiny USA.

He went to an auto dealer on Hiawatha Boulevard East, where he smashed the windshields of 45 vehicles and damaged two of the dealership's windows and he damaged the windows of two other businesses before police finally caught and arrested him again.

Kaulback is now in the Justice Center.

Fragmented windshield of a car

Photo: Getty Images

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