Day 6 in Dr. Robert Neulander's Murder Retrial Concludes

Syracuse, N.Y. - The second week of the Robert Neulander murder retrial got underway yesterday.

The prosecution called Dr. Barbara Wolf, an expert in forensic pathology who works in Florida and covers the area that includes "The Villages" retirement community.

She said she sees death resulting from a fall almost every day, but she testified she has never seen the type of damages from a fall that Leslie Neulander's body suffered. Wolf told the jury that injuries to Leslie's left hand occurred about same time as her death and that they were defense wounds.

Dr. Zhongxue Hua, another pathologist testified that there were two fractures in different directions on Leslie's skull. It is not a simple slip and fall," Dr. Hua said.

The trail resumes Tuesday morning at 9:30.

Judge holding gavel in courtroom

Photo: OJO Images RF

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