Syracuse And Onondaga County Offering Safe Haven To Ukrainian Refugees

Syracuse, N.Y. - In a letter to President Biden Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh and Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon offered Syracuse and Onondaga County, already home to a large Ukrainian population, as a community “ready, willing and able” to host refugees from war torn Ukraine.

The offer comes as hundreds of thousands of Ukraine citizens have been forced to flee the country after a week of Russian attacks.

The Mayor and County Executive said "Syracuse and Onondaga County have historically served as a safe haven for refugees from various parts of the world."

They said "the community has long been home to a strong and proud Ukrainian community and that makes Central New York an ideal location where Ukrainian citizens can find shelter on a short-term basis until they can return to their homes or settle permanently to be free of unjustified violence and war."

You can see the entire letter here.

Flag of Ukraine

Photo: Getty Images

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