Call In For Cancer Today!

The Upstate Foundation's third annual Call In For Cancer is today! We're sharing stories of hope and encouragement and how you can be a part of helping Upstate Cancer Center patients. The Upstate Cancer Center is the region’s most comprehensive cancer care center, serving patients throughout our surrounding 17 counties with offices in Oneida, Oswego, Auburn, Binghamton, Cortland and the Mohawk Valley. We offer the most advanced outpatient treatment, clinical research studies, and support services.

You can make an impact!

$10 – Lunches for patients & caregivers($10 per person) 

At times, patients are in treatment for hours; a little food goes a long way to making them feel better. A full lunch for patients and their caregivers, in addition to nutrition items we provide every day, is a big comfort. 

$25 – Gift cards

Patients face a wide variety of needs during treatment and a small gift card can really help with food or gas. Some patients travel hours to get to their treatment and this helps alleviate one less worry.

$60 – Co-pay assistance

The cost of cancer treatments addup, even the co-pays. Many patients are seen multiple times a month or even a week. Assistance to offset the cost of co-pays is greatly needed by many patients.

$100 – Therapeutic music

Upstate Cancer Center “treats” patients to live music in order to create a soothing and comforting environment that is deeply appreciated by patients. A donation of $100 helps pay for the performance of a professional musician in the Cancer Center.

$500 – Televisions

Each individual infusion area has a personal television with audio jacks for the patient and caregiver. Access to television entertains patients and helps pass the time during treatments.

$1,000 – Paxman scalp cooling program

Studies have shown that hair loss is the most feared side effect of cancer treatments in 75 percent of patients. Consequently, Upstate Cancer Center introduced the Paxman Scalp Cooling Program for hair loss prevention. A generous donation of $1,000  will cover the cost of a patient cooling cap and several cycles of cooling treatments.

$2,500 – Chemotherapy chair

Patients would like to be as comfortable as possible during their treatments, which is why fully reclining, zero gravity chairs are provided in the Cancer Center. The chairs need replacing periodically. 

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