Gov Hochul Talks Masks, Boosters Shots And Micro-Managing

Buffalo, N.Y. - Governor Kathy Hochul speaking today from Buffalo, said she will not be micro managing the health departments in NY.

Hochul promised "a new philosophy" of pandemic management where local health departments will have more autonomy than they had in the past. She said "I will not be micromanaging, but I will be giving guidance based on your input. I will give you the cover you need," Gov. Hochul said. “You tell us where there’s gaps, tell us where something can be enhanced by the state and we’ll be there.”

She warned that the delta variant of the coronavirus is worse than the original strain.

She also announced today that the state is making $65 million available to localities to help set up vaccine centers so people can get their booster shots.

Hochul says there will be a school mask mandate for now, but says she will be flexible and open to changing it if need be. "The battle rages, we have to fight back", Hochul said. She also said she remembers when her daughter fought against wearing sneakers but she eventually was able to handle something on her feet. She said kids are resilient and they will be able to handle mask on their face.

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