Lt Governor Kathy Hochul Says She's Ready To Lead New York

Albany, N.Y. - Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul held her first press conference today since Governor Cuomo resigned.

Hochul, who will take over the state in 13 days, said she will name her own lieutenant within the next few weeks. She also said there will be turnover from the previous Cuomo administration as she will bring in new staff.

The Lt. Governor said that whenever her term is up, "No one will ever describe my workplace as a toxic work environment. ”

She says he leadership style is to listen first and then take action.

We’ll be looking at all options,” Hochul says about efforts to fight COVID

Hochul will become the first female governor of New York when she takes over

This all comes after Governor Cuomo announced he would resign as governor following the release of the Attorney General's report into sexual harassment allegations against him.

Speaking with reporters, Hochul said she believes Cuomo's decision to step down is in the best interest of the people of New York. She said she will "fight like hell" for New Yorkers every single day.

Hochul said there juts one Governor at a time.

When asked if she would pardon Cuomo, Hochul responded that it's "far too premature to have those conversations."

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