Tompkins County Sheriffs Say Two Adults Drown As Three Children Watched

Town of Newfield, N.Y. - Tompkins County Sheriffs say two adults drowned as three children watched.

Last night around 6:40 police responded to a call that three children said they were swimming with two adults when the adults were swept under water by the current in the West Branch Cayuga Inlet, in the 100 block of Newfield Depot Road.

First responders located the bodies of two adults a 27 year old man and a 29 year old woman. One of the children, a 5 year old was the child of the couple. The other two a niece and nephew.

Deputies have identified the two victims as 27 year old Carissa A. Stone, of Newfield and 29 year old Michael R. Mayer, of Van Etten.

Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

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