More People Will Be Allowed At The Fair And Some Buildings Open

Geddes, N.Y. - There will be more people allowed at the Fair.

Newly updated guidance says capacity limits will be increased and now some buildings will open to fairgoers.

Outdoor capacity for fairgoers will be at 67 percent instead of 50.

Organizers have announced that all non-vaccinated vendors, concessionaires, and contractors will have to be tested at a regular interval.There will be a testing site on the Fairgrounds.

Hours will be reduced with the Fair being open 11 am -10 pm daily, except on Labor Day when it will close at 9.

Almost all the buildings with the exception of 5 will be open. You can see the list below.

Buildings that will be open are:

Exposition Center

Center of Progress

Horticulture Building

The Eatery

Dairy Products Building

Science & Industry Building

Dairy Cattle Building

Toyota Coliseum

Goat, Llama & Swine Barn

Horse Barns

Wool Center

FFA Building

Beef Barn

Indian Village

Pan African Village

State Park

The Arts & Home Center

Closed Buildings:

Agriculture Museum

Carriage Museum

Poultry Barn

Grange Building

Youth Building

The Arts & Home Center will be partially opened.

The Agriculture Museum, Carriage Museum, Poultry Barn, Grange Building, and Youth Building are scheduled to remain closed at this time.

Swing Ride at the Fair

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