SU Lacrosse Player, Chase Scanlan, Suspended From Team After Arrest

UPDATE: Syracuse University has announced that Scanlan has been suspended from the team.

Syracuse, N.Y. - Syracuse lacrosse player Chase Scanlan has been arrested. Scanlan has been arrested on criminal mischief and harassment charges.

He is alleged to have smashed a woman's phone and physically assaulted her during an argument, according to District Attorney William Fitzpatrick. Scanlan also caused damage to a wall, putting a large hole in it, but Fitzpatrick said that the hole was NOT caused by the victim's body.

Scanlan was suspended from the team two days after the incident. He then returned to the team, but was not welcomed by most of the players who threatened to walk off the field during practice if he showed up.

Scanlan is currently in the custody of the Sheriff's office and will be arraigned tonight.

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