NY Attorney General Joining Legal Action Against Robocall Scheme

Albany, N.Y. - New York Attorney General Letitia James is taking action in a RoboCall scheme to scare Blacks away from polls in 2020.

AG James says New York is joining existing legal actions against two people, Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman.

They formed a sham organization called “Project 1599" that violated state and federal laws by orchestrating robocalls harassing Black voters.

It's believed 5500 New Yorkers received calls falsely claiming that mail-in voters would have their personal information released to law enforcement, debt collectors, and the Government.

A text of the automated recording reads:

Hi, this is Tamika Taylor from Project 1599, the civil rights organization founded by Jack Burman and Jacob Wohl. Mail-in voting sounds great, but did you know that if you vote by mail, your personal information will be part of a public database that will be used by police departments to track down old warrants and be used by credit card companies to collect outstanding debts? The CDC is even pushing to use records for mail-in voting to track people for mandatory vaccines. Don’t be finessed into giving your private information to the man, stay home safe and beware of vote by mail.”

(Getty images)

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