Another Woman Accuses Gov Cuomo Of Inappropriate Behavior

Greece, N.Y. - Another woman has come forward and accused Governor Cuomo of inappropriate behavior.

55 year old, Sherry Vill, appearing with attorney Gloria Allred described an encounter with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo that occurred in 2017. Vill said it involved "unwanted, unwelcome physical contact."

The woman is reported to have said she was shocked when the Governor leaned in and kissed her cheek then kissed the other one.

Vill who lives in Greece, N.Y. says the encounter occurred after Gov. Cuomo went into her home to survey flood damage.

Vill said Cuomo kissed her upon meeting her in her own home. Later, he came back and grabbed her face and kissed her cheek.

“He took my hand and said, is there anything else you want," Vill said.

Vill said she knows the "difference between an innocent gesture and a sexual one" She said "I felt like I was being manhandled, especially because he was holding my face and he was kissing my cheek again"

Days after the encounter, a Cuomo staffer invited Vill to an event in town and according to Vill, the invitation did not include her husband or family members.

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