Cuomo Announces New Program To Prepare For Next Pandemic

Albany, N.Y. - Governor Cuomo announcing today that COVID 19 numbers continue to decline. Hospitalizations are down, there were 71 confirmed deaths and the positive rate is 3.5%

Cuomo said, “We have made progress, but anyone who says it’s over is wrong.”

Cuomo says the state is launching a "first of its kind in the nation, the New York State Citizen Public Health Training Program." The program is designed to train citizens on public health crises. The 16-hour curriculum is presented online and has been put together by Cornell University.

Cuomo says it will prepare New Yorkers so that they may volunteer to help communities in the next pandemic.

The New York State Citizen Public Health program is free. Enrollment opens today and the program starts on April 30.

People can register online at

Governor Cuomo also spoke of the budget saying some of his top budget proposals are helping people with rent relief and small landlords as well, reforming nursing home programs and legalizing marijuana.

He said he doesn't think the budget will be done by the April 1st deadline.

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