Gov Cuomo Says He Did Nothing Wrong, Will Not Resign

Albany, N.Y. - Governor Andrew Cuomo in a phone press conference today, once again denied any wrongdoing in regards to the sexual harassment allegations that have been levied against him. He also reiterated he will not resign

Cuomo says women have a right to come forward but says he has not done what’s alleged. Period. Cuomo said he has learned as New York State Attorney General that people have many "motivations" for making allegations.

Cuomo says there are two reviews underway. "I'm not going to argue this issue in the press".

He called politicians who comment without knowing the facts are "reckless and dangerous." He called "politics at its worse". He said people know the difference between "cancel culture and the truth."

As far as COVID in the state. The positivity rate is 3.11%. 74 New Yorkers died. He said hospitalizations are down.

(Getty Images)

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