Onondaga County's COVID Numbers Still Going Down

Syracuse, N.Y. - Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon giving an update today says things are looking good despite 4 more people dying in the county.

The 7-day average is 1.6% and McMahon said "that's a remarkable turn of events" from the past 2 months. The other numbers are good as well, new cases stand at low rate of 95, active cases are 1,082 the lowest in a while. There are 108 in the hospital, the number in ICU is down.

McMahon said the county has delivered 17,585 1st doses of the vaccine and 9,809 of the 2nd doses.

He talked about the vaccination process for those with co-morbidities saying that the health department is working with health care providers to identify those who need to receive the vaccine due to underlying health conditions.

He also announced that the county has received about 13 million dollars to help renters pay their rent and therefore help landlords pay their bills.

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