Gov Cuomo Says Large Venues Can Re-Open With Restrictions

Albany, N.Y - Governor Cuomo announcing what could be very good news for Syracuse University fans.

Cuomo said any large venue in New York can reopen on Feb. 23. They will be subject to various restrictions, including 10 % capacity, testing, mask-wearing, social distancing assigned seating, and approval from the state Health Department.

He also said another 136 New Yorkers have died from Covid-19, but the number of people hospitalized declined along with other numbers and the positivity rate stands at 4.02%.

Cuomo also announced in an effort to address racial health care disparities, mass-vaccination sites will open in "socially vulnerable communities". He said those for now include Jamaica, Queens, and Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn. Both will do 3,000 vaccinations per day. Other sites will open up around the state. These sites will get a special federal vaccine allocation according to the Governor.

Cuomo said, "what COVID exposed, for one, it killed Black people at twice the rate of white people." He said “It’s a pandemic on top of a pandemic, the virus epidemic on top of the racism pandemic.”

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