Governor Cuomo Says State Will Re-Allocate Vaccine From Nursing Homes

Albany, N.Y. - New York state has the lowest 7 days average of COVID positivity since Dec 1st. That was the good news today from Governor Cuomo. It stands at 4.3% and the overall state rate is 5.12%. Cuomo said 138 NY'ers passed away in the last 24 hours.

He said the state has vaccinated 2.5 million which is about 10% of NYers. He also announced that the White House increasing the allocation of the COVID 19 vaccine to NYS by 5% for the next three weeks, which is on top of the 16% increase and 5% increase announced earlier.

Cuomo also announced that there may be re-allocation of unused vaccines that had been set aside for nursing homes. Cuomo said “We believe it was over-allocated, so we will be re-allocating doses"

He cautioned that Pfizer, Moderna are slowly increasing the production of the vaccine, but it’s “nowhere near what we would need to make rapid progress.” Cuomo says the biggest boost will be “when and if” the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is approved.

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