Gov Cuomo Says NY Will See An Increase In Vaccine

Albany, N.Y. - Governor Cuomo giving a briefing today, started off by thanking all first responders for their work during the snowstorm.

He then addressed COVID 19 saying again numbers are looking good for the most part. But the best news was that New York's supply of vaccine from the federal government will rise by 5% for the next three weeks. That means more vaccine coming to Central New York as well.

Cuomo said that while 7.1 million are eligible for the vaccine, NY only gets 300,000 doses a week. He said, "Do the math." Three-quarters of New York's roughly 440,000 hospital workers have now received at least one dose of novel coronavirus vaccine, but Cuomo urged County Executives and Mayors to encourage hospitals to get all workers vaccinated.

He also said local governments are being given the go-ahead to add some front-line workers to the 1b category for vaccines, such as Taxi, Uber, Lyft drivers, restaurant workers, and developmentally disabled facilities.

The overall state rate of positivity is 5.47%. 146 New Yorkers passed away yesterday

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