Gov Cuomo Continues His State Of The State

Albany, N.Y. - It was part 2 of a 4 part series and no it's not on NETFLIX, it was Governor Cuomo's State of the State address.

Today the Gov talked about rapid testing as the way for NY to reopen "smartly and safely," saying it was never a choice between the economy and fighting COVID.

Cuomo said he plans to use rapid testing to get arts, spectator sports and entertainment back on center stage fast.

“The show will go on, the fans will be back, and New York with be New York again. We will go to performances, and we will applaud like never before.” Cuomo said.

He also announced he is launching "NY Arts Revival" to bring back the arts with pop up performances starting in Feb. There will be hundreds of outdoor, pop-up events to promote the arts across the state.

He is asking the state legislature to enact a mandate that internet providers offer $15 per month high-speed service to all low-income families.

He is scheduled to deliver part 3 tomorrow.

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