Onondaga County Announces 311 New COVID 19 Cases

Syracuse, N.Y. - Onndaga County Executive Ryan McMahon announcing the latest numbers reagrding the fight against COVID 19 in the county.

He said there are 311 new cases. 12 of 311 are senior facility. He also announced another new record, 230 Hospitalized with 23 nursing home residents awaiting discharge pending neg test. 37 are in ICU and a 82 year old man passed away.

The ongoing spike of coronavirus cases in Onondaga County is putting a strain on the resources needed to fight the disease.

County Executive Ryan McMahon says there are growing concerns about the number of available personnel for things like contact tracing.

McMahon said that the county took about 100 of their employess to help assit where needed.

(Getty Images)

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