Mattydale Woman Caught Lying About Injuries, Faces 6 Felony Charges.

Syracuse, N.Y. - New York State's Inspector General’s office announcing that a Mattydale woman has been charged after lying about her Workers Compensation claim.

44 year old Kelly Gersbacher, will face six felony charges in connection with a scheme, that dates back to 2016. The former Verizon employee lied about injuries she suffered on the job and illegally took more than $19,000 in workers’ compensation benefits.

She claimed she suffered carpal tunnel-related injuries and could only lift about 10 pounds and was unable to go to her gym. However she was busted when inspectors videoed her at a gym deadlifting and exercising, along with running errands with “no apparent distress.”

Gersbacher was charged with two counts of first-degree falsifying business records, one count of third-degree grand larceny, one count of first-degree offering a false instrument for filing and two other felony charges for fraudulent practices under the state Workers’ Compensation Law.

She was arraigned Thursday in East Syracuse Village Court.

(Getty Images)

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