Governor Cuomo Says There Are Several Covid Clusters Downstate

New York, N.Y. - Governor Andrew Cuomo in his briefing announced that clusters of coronavirus cases downstate have pushed New York State’s positive infection rate to 1.3% overall.

Cuomo says of some zip codes are in Orange, Rockland and Brooklyn where infection rates are up to as much as 18%. He announced 2 people died from COVID-19 yesterday

He once again pushed local governments to make sure they enforce social distancing and other protocols and remiunded people about wearing a mask...saying "Mask wearing is a law," Cuomo said whether you have political or religious issues with wearing masks doesnt matter, it's the law.

Cuomo also mentioned to parents and others that the state has the power to close any school if it is found to not be safe enough to operate.

The governor took time to once again blam the federal government for New York's initial COVID-19 spread and has called on Washington to provide aid. Without that aid Cuomo said the state could be looking at a $50 billion deficit.

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