Potential COVID-19 Exposure On Centro Bus Route Serving Syracuse University

The Onondaga​ County Health Department has confirmed that a passenger on several bus routes has tested positive for COVID-19.

There is a specific range of two weekdays last week where, if you were on any of the bus routes listed below, you could've been exposed to the virus:

Wednesday, September 16, 9:00am-9:20am

Centro Route SU 344-Connective Corridor, from College Place to the Nancy Cantor Warehouse, 350 W. Fayette St., Syracuse

Wednesday, September 16, 12:00pm-12:25pm 

Centro Route SU 443-Connective Corridor, from the Nancy Cantor Warehouse to College Place

Thursday, September 17, approximately 8:45am-9:20am 

Centro Route SU 43-Main Campus, from the intersection of Van Buren and Henry Streets to the SU Comstock Art Facility

Thursday, September 17, 12:14pm-12:21pm 

Centro Route SU 344-South Campus to College Place

The press release sent out by the County Executive's office, mentions that it was a single passenger who took these routes. It is unknown if the passenger was wearing a mask or not.

The Onondaga County Health Department recommends that if you were on these routes, to self monitor your symptoms for 14 days. If anything seems out of the ordinary, call your doctor, or 911.

You can read the full press release, here.

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