Gov Cuomo Slams CDC For Changing Policy

Albany, N.Y. - Cuomo in a press conference call, announced that the states infection rate remains below 1%.

He said "We still have a caution flag for Western New York , (it's) not where it should be." The numbers show that Western New York has a 1.4% positive rate, however the Governor said that was an improvement. 3 more people did die the past 24 hours.

Cuomo also took time to slam the CDC for changing policy to now say people exposed to Covid might not need to get tested. Cuomo says it's part of President Trump's "deny the problem" in effort to reduce nationwide testing rates. He said the CDC "now carrying" Trump's political agenda and he said the CDC has been wrong repeatedly.

Cuomo went on to say "a financial catastrophe" looms in New York State if the Federal Government dosn't provide stimulus plans for cities and localities. He said raising taxes in NY even "to the highest level" ever, wouldn't raise "near the amount of money needed to fill the holes"

Governor Cuomo also announced that a crew of 10 wildland firefighters from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is traveling to the Rocky Mountains to assist in efforts to contain high priority wildfires in the region

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