NYS School Districts To Submit Reopening Plans By Friday

Today is the deadline for schools across NY to submit their reopening plans to the state.

Some of the latest plans released in CNY:

North Syracuse Central Schools are looking to split students into groups. Elementary and middle school students will be split into 2 groups, meeting twice a week in person, while high school students will be split into 4 groups, meeting once a week in person.

Baldwinsville Central Schools are offering an option of either hybrid learning or remote learning for their students. They're also proposing a rotating 3-day in person plan for those who choose the hybrid option.

Fulton City Schools plan to implement hybrid learning, with Monday being a remote learning day for the whole district. High school students will meet in person once a week.

And the West Genesee Central School District is giving parents of elementary students the choice of all in person or all online learning. For middle school students, grades 5 and 6 will meet in person twice a week at West Genesee Middle School, while grades 7 and 8 will meet at Camillus Middle School twice a week.

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