Poll Says Many New Yorker's Dont Feel The Worse Is Over With COVID 19

Loudonville, NY - A recent Siena Poll reveals that most NY'ers feel that to worst of the cornoavirus pandemic is not yet over

62% of New Yorkers in the poll think that the worst of the coronavirus pandemic is still to come while only 27% think that the worst is over. Of those polled, 70% agree with the government focusing more on containing the spread of the virus, rather than the economy. Nearly 80 percent are concerned that they, or another member of their household, will get sick with COVID.

As far as kids going back to school. 18% feel that schools will reopen in the fall. 46% say it will be "somewhat likely" schools will open.

Dr. Don Levy, SCRI's Director also released stats regarding racism. 81% surveyed think systemic racism is either a very (47 percent) or somewhat (34 percent) serious problem here in New York.

One-third of all New Yorkers and 71 percent of Blacks across the state often witness or hear about people in New York being discriminated against because of their race or ethnicity. “New Yorkers agree, systemic racism is a problem. Dramatic majorities of every demographic by party, age, race and region think systemic racism is at least a somewhat serious if not a very serious problem. And while 36 percent describe themselves as ‘not racist’, 53 percent prefer to say that they are ‘anti-rascist,” Levy said.

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